6 Core strategies to boost the online presence of your business.

6 Core strategies to boost the online presence

6 Core strategies to boost the online.

E-commerce is the name of the game in modern business. Whether you’re an industry giant or a budding entrepreneur, having a sound online presence is critical to establishing yourself as a worthwhile contender.

Depending on your business structure, sales platform (product, service, or consulting), and income stream, harnessing the power of the internet can provide valuable support to your business from efficient marketing to streamlined payment platforms and compelling content to generate interest, community support, and future revenue.

While there are many suggestions and tips frequently employed, these 6 core strategies will help you to streamline your digital platform so you can boost the online presence of your business.

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6 Core strategies to boost the online presence of your business. 3

6 Core strategies to boost the online

Set up a multi-dimensional, SEO-driven site page.

Internet searches are being conducted by billions of users on all sorts of platforms, from desktops and laptops to tablets and phones (and even watches!).

Depending on the type of content that you are trying to display for potential clients, and since so many people are accessing content from multiple devices simultaneously,  you want to ensure that it is compatible with multiple devices.

Content compatibility revolves around keeping your site simple, usable, fast, reliable, and engaging for users. Some tips to achieve these attributes include;

⦁ Use smaller font sizes (especially if you are targeting mostly mobile users).
⦁ Providing fewer tabs and links on the homepage with more information (such as for product reviews, sales, and contact); you can also feature more in-depth information at the bottom of the page.
⦁ Ensure all phone numbers, links and videos provided work and directly connect users with the respective function.
⦁ Provide comprehensive but not overly extensive site descriptions that allow users to navigate to find the information they need to make a purchase.
⦁ Make content bright, engaging, and compelling while promoting your respective brand.

SEO (search engine optimization) has become a key term for differentiating and engaging content with users. Essentially, SEO operates based on targeting keyword-rich, relevant content that increases its visibility on search engines, allowing content to populate more frequently during internet searches.

Once you have established your business fundamentals (what you are selling, what markets you are targeting, what your budget and brand are), you can establish a site that presents content selling exactly what you are trying to sell while helping you to stand out from your competitors.

A quick search engine review using keywords that relate to your product or service will allow you to evaluate similar content so that you can incorporate the keywords relevant to that topic (Ex. fashion, landscaping) while also crafting a headline and taglines that will allow your specific pages and products to stand out during a search.

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6 Core strategies to boost the online presence of your business. 4

6 Core strategies to boost the online

Blog Consistently.

Blogging provides many functions for an online presence. First, blogging allows you to present your story to users, whether it’s regarding how to use your specific products, where to find your specific products (if you are choosing not to incorporate online retail into your online platform), or even how your products came to be.

Beyond making your products and services more personal and relatable, it allows users to directly and immediately identify with a specific product or service, accelerating sales.

Blogs should be relevant, specific, and comprehensive, providing sufficient information to help guide customer decisions without being too overwhelming (that’s what a user manual is for!).

Unless your site is specifically regarding product or service reviews, keeping your blogs on the shorter side (1000-1500 words maximum) and with 3-5 sentence paragraphs will help to make your content readable and digestible.

6 Core strategies to boost the online

Provide access to answer questions and generate client feedback.

While there are many independent product and service review platforms, such as Google reviews and Yelp, providing a platform to make your client queries visible can serve multiple functions. First, it creates a degree of transparency.

If you’re a legitimate business trying to convince your clientele of your value, then providing a means of presenting product issues and concerns as well as benefits and approval allows future clients to recognize your relevance.

As importantly, it allows patrons to engage in your personal network and personalize their product experience while allowing future users to troubleshoot based on past experiences, potentially saving you valuable time and money dealing with potential client complaints.

Even if you don’t have a visible forum, providing a brief question-and-answer section or at least an accessible contact page is an essential outlet to ensure that your prospective customers feel engaged and connected.

6 Core strategies to boost the online

Develop a network with or without affiliate marketing.

Ultimately, the internet is a collaborative platform just like any business forum, and developing a network, either with potential competitors, similar products, or different brands, can help to broaden your customer base while also making your services more dynamic.

For example, you can network with products similar to yours (Ex. mugs or brewing equipment if you sell tea) and feature these products on your page.

Even if you can’t or don’t generate any revenue from affiliate marketing (though most online retailers will probably be amenable to a traffic-based compensation platform if not a pre-arranged contract),

you cross-linking similar products allows your clientele to feel that all their needs are met. A happy customer is not only likely to buy more but also refer you to their friends and family.

6 Core strategies to boost the online

Advertise on social media.

For some social media platforms, such as Facebook, you may have to pay for an actual ad depending on the content you are trying to depict.

However, for a variety of other platforms, such as Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter, you can engage in a lot of customer interaction either with brief product descriptions, engaging photography, or short videos that either address product concerns or feature creative product placement.

Even if you don’t use social media directly, linking to social media platforms makes your content more user-friendly and provides another means of addressing customer concerns, customer inquiries, or even announcing the latest updates for your products, often with no charge involved.

6 Core strategies to boost the online

Advanced online marketing: Email marketing, video marketing, paid ads.

Depending on how much you are trying to grow, how extensive you want your market to be, and what your budget is, you can expand your online presence into a variety of marketing strategies.

Many sites, such as WordPress and Wix, feature options for sending emails and newsletters to your respective network, allowing you to keep your clients abreast of any developments within your products and services;

it’s a good idea, similar to blogging, to make content relevant, concise, and regular, with an email every week or two to keep your brand fresh. Video marketing, such as on Youtube or even Tiktok, allows you to reach a potentially larger audience

while also adding another dimension regarding product tutorials, addressing concerns, and providing reviews and descriptions for product use and applicability. Lastly, paid ads on Facebook or Google, among other sites, allow you to directly

promote your product and service where traffic is heaviest. A temporary or seasonal ad campaign can generate substantial exposure that can greatly boost your site’s traffic and eventual sales.

6 Core strategies to boost the online

The keys boosting to your online presence.

Ultimately, a successful online presence centres around making your content relevant, engaging, accessible and meaningful.

A simple-to-use, informative site with sufficient links and SEO- driven content is a sound start to your online platform that you can expand through social media and advertising.

Integrating these 7 methods to boost your online presence will help to guide your business to the best the internet offers.

6 Core strategies to boost the online presence of your business.

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6 Core strategies to boost the online

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